A core vendor at our festivals, The Amber Wolf offers beautifully handcrafted items, including gourds, dangly bits, drums, lucets and tatters.  The Amber Wolf has a wonderful selection of whimsical gifts.

Baizaar features unique, soulful jewelry and accessories handcrafted from natural and raw materials. We travel the world working with skilled artisans and small businesses who handcraft our one of a kind and small production pieces. The always evolving collection offer an adventurous mix of traditional ethnic and innovative designer work.

Botánica de La Reina specializes in quality handcrafted HooDoo, Conjure, Brujeria, Witchcraft, and Pagan products offered at an affordable price. Smudging tools, dirts, dusts, waters, washes, oil blends, curios, hand-dipped incenses, and other magical essentials are crafted by experienced Brujas and Rootworkers using the finest ingredients.

Cathleen Hylton sums up her business this way, “Love.  That is what I find most of my clients ask about.  My specialty is working with women who have been wounded in love whether its in intimate, family or friendship relationships. In my readings, I guide my clients to a healed place where they can experience love in a deeper more tangible way in their lives. I have 30 years experience as an intuitive reader, healer and teacher. Come on by! I’d love to meet you!”

Here you will find Hoodoo products for all kinds of conditions, Rootwork Services and information about Hoodoo/Conjure.

Marie Callahan has been working with energy since she was a child. Specializing in spirit guide communication, energy work and energetic healing has allowed her to express her passion of helping others connect to their life purpose.  Marie makes connections across many modalities that has allowed her to tailor to the needs of those who seek to learn, grow, and understand along their own unique spiritual path. Working closely with her four guardians, she serves as a metaphysical guide & energy worker.

We bring the season’s best mix of 100% certified-organic produce and hand-crafted farm products conveniently to your door by growing and partnering with local farms and artisans. Each delivery comes with news from our family farm, delicious recipes, quick tips and the option to customize your box online.

Heidi, owner of Siren’s Song, describes her business like this: “I make all my oil blends by hand. I cleanse each bottle, use organic (some hand gathered) botanicals, herbs, and spices, therapeutic grade essential oils (DoTerra), cold pressed carrier oils, and crystals in EACH bottle! I hand embellish each bottle with a charm on a chain (as my signature) and then charge them on crystal grids with stones/crystals, and botanicals! The process takes 3 days. This ensures they are cleansed, blended, and super charged before it even gets to you! ♡ I have spent years researching, testing, and finally perfecting the process!

“My grids are designed by me! I research information and spend months sketching out  layouts. These images are then drawn into a computer program and sent to my laser. Yep! My laser! It burns the surface and cuts out the designs I make! It can take hours to make them depending on size, laser burn depth, type of wood, etc… (I am fortunate my husband is a computer engineer!) The process is NOT like a printer. It takes patience, time, and a lot of trial and error! Admittedly, I’m still learning!”

From Lady D: “Each of our items are handcrafted. The Oils are infused of only the best organic flowers and gems to bring out the energy within.  Each of the infused oils can be use in your spell work.  Our Protection Oil and or our Loose Organic Sage can cleanse a sacred space/alter, the body, and home of negativity. The Embrace Oil can be used to connect with the Universal Light and Love of the Creator/God/Goddess along with sending out your readiness for love. Our Money and Success can bring prosperity and success to your spells and projects. While the Sweet Serenity oil can help create a drama free zone/personal space with peace, harmony and relaxation.”

Don Simpson at Northwind sells unusual one-of-a-kind jewelry and ritual items that he makes myself, mostly of natural materials of many kinds: stone, crystals, wood, bone, antler, horn, amber, jet, shells, nut hulls, tagua, etc. His booth partner makes and sells hair ornaments and other jewelry, drinking horns, staffs, dowsing rods, wands, etc.

Quality merchandise from around the world. Positive Practice Metaphysical Shop and Yoga Studio strives to be a valuable community resource for healing. Our practitioners and services seek to inspire, encourage, and celebrate those desiring to grow in recovery, faith, and spiritual awakening. Whatever your path; come in and enjoy the shop’s great visual experience and feel the energy.